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One of the key factors of existence and advancement is to keep up with the technology. Being aware of this fact, Feka Automotive has followed and incorporated the cutting edge technology closely since its foundation in 1988. The company established its molding department and started manufacturing molds with CAD/CAM in 1995, offering its own designs to the worldwide customers since 2001. And starting from 2010s, it has reshaped its organizational structure, in particular the R&D Center to join the leading companies which create and improve technology instead of following and adopting it.

Today, Feka Automotive cooperates with the leading OEM companies in Turkey and worldwide as Co-Designer thanks to its seamless production and quality as well as designing capability and R&D activities that provide a competitive advantage. The technological advancement of the company can be grouped in 3 categories:
  • Manufacturing Technologies
  • Product Technologies
  • System Technologies