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Feka Automotive is one of the rare companies that have achieved a corporate structure with a family business spirit. The company holds a reasonable leadership position in the industry thanks to its 25 years of experience, entrepreneurial spirit, as well as its global, humanitarian and customer-oriented approach.

Feka Automotive is an automotive parts and systems supplier to OEM and TIER1 companies in Turkey and worldwide. The company’s product range includes mainly rearview mirrors, internal and external lighting, water expansion and steering hydraulic oil tanks and assembled trim parts. Feka Automotive’s production capability and product quality are based on its staff, technical and technological equipment as well as production knowhow to develop new products from a conceptual stage throughout design and production stages in line with the demands of its system partners.

Feka Automotive will continue to grow and create value with a visionary mindset and a sustainable competitive approach, differentiating itself from the ordinary market players.